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Push message is a powerful and engaging tool that notifies the user directly on the phone even when the app is inactive, and with Pushbox the technology is no longer reserved for the big brands.

It is no longer reserved for big brands and media like FacebookGoogle  and  DR / TV2 , segmenting and send messages directly into the front of the phone using push notifications. Push technology, which really just isa free add ons program to an existing digital structure with Pushbox  also become accessible to smaller businesses and organizations.

Push technology that can be integrated into any app-based software solutions from smartphone and smartwatch for tablet and TV, any marketing department’s dream. The technology ensures beyond the obvious design and segmentation benefits a credibility boost as users actively choose function – resulting in an ‘open rate’ as with SMS of up to 90% of the messages.

This increases user engagement marked the platform meets a growing consumption of online time through apps , but in app specialists from  Appcamp know that it is far from all who know how to use the tool.

“Up to 90% of users’ online time going on today on mobile devices through apps, and push the message has become an indispensable notification tool for all organizations with high digital ambitions who want to make themselves relevant and ensure a high commitment, but there are many who lag behind. ” Director of Appcamp, Peter Grumsen


Relevance increase engagement

Recent years have shown a rising trend against deselecting apps and disconnected notifications of users . There are two reasons for this. First, the market has become flooded with poorly designed and standardized web apps that seems uninspired and binding on the user, and also partly have too many marketers abused app tekologien to spam consumers with offers and irrelevant information.

It’s a shame and it also affects developers who are not high enough degree have managed to advise adequately about the challenges and opportunities inherent in the technology relation. User engagement.

“Push technology brings like apps only users value and knowledge if the developers and the organizations behind knows how to make the content relevant and it happens only if they embrace the possibilities of technology and create innovative and engaging solutions rather than just spraying information out blindly.”  director of Appcamp, Peter Grumsen


Not only for commercial use

Push acting for the organization to be in sync with the users and notify the proper time and place. The users have an expectation that the organization behind an app keeps them updated on relevant initiatives and activities in real time and does not accept bland messages from commercial companies. Therefore, the technology is also interesting for public institutions and other non-profit organizations that are run by community purpose.


Train with Defenders

In Defense has just as among the major brands and retailers, saw the trick in segmented push messages and you are therefore working currently with Appcamp to integrate the service into the existing app.

“In an organization such as Defense, operates push message really well because users are aware that they are not being tried involved in a breathless sales approach which aims to pull money out of their pockets. They elect notifications to and it provides a fertile situation where the sender and receiver agree on dialogue. ”  Director of Appcamp, Peter Grumsen

Defense app ” Træn med forsvaret ” draws on the army built physical activity, as outsiders user will be invited to participate in. The idea is that the app’s name also implies about creating motivation by training along with Defense, and here is the feeling of being in sync with the Defense quite central. Using Rene feel better Defense rigor and authority by getting notifications into the front of the screen regardless of whether the app is inactive or turned on.

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